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 Amen Consulting Limited is the business standards company that helps organizations make excellence a habit – all over Africa.

 That's our business, enabling others to perform better.



Standards provide the knowledge that organizations need to succeed, and deliver it in concentrated form. They can offer a set of powerful tools to make your organization more innovative and productive.

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What is standards?


Standards are agreed ways of doing something, written down as a set of precise criteria so they can be used as rules, guidelines or definitions.

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How are standards made?

Standards are put together by groups of industry experts, consumers, research organizations, government departments and more, all working together.

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Benefits of using standards

systemStandards are a tried and tested way to work more efficiently and effectively. They help organizations to improve their performance, reduce their risk and help them be more sustainable.

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Who uses standards

Organizations of all sizes use standards to compete more effectively, from small businesses to multinationals and governments.

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